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Click Safely Safer Internet Centre Serbia was established in January 2013. Serbian SIC works to raise public awareness and to educate children and other Internet and ICT users about online safety.

CSSIC Project is implemented by a tripartite consortium – Foundation Fund B92, Republic of Serbia Ministry of Trade and Telecommunications and Republic of Serbia Ministry of Interior. The objective of the Click Safely SIC is to provide awareness raising activities in Serbian primary and secondary schools for school children aged 11 to 17, their parents, teachers and school psychologists and to provide relevant information about safer Internet and ICT use for the general public. Click Safely SIC has its Net Patrola Hotline facility for reports of illegal, illicit and harmful online contents. Operating in close cooperation with Serbian MoI Cybercrime Unit, Net Patrola works on suppression of production and dissemination of CSAM, hate speech, phishing, cyberbullying and other forms of illegal, illicit and harmful online contents and behaviour.

Safer Internet Day is marked in Serbia since 2012. First National Conference on Child Online Safety and Safer ICT Use in Serbia was organized in November 2013.

Net Patrola Hotline was launched in August 2013. Initially, reports submitted to Net Patrola were predominantly pertaining to political and hate speech. Gradually, with broader dissemination of precise information on Hotline remit and scope of work, the number of political speech reports diminished, to be replaced by submissions on CSAM, hate speech, bullying, adult blackmailing, etc.

Hotline activities are directly supported by the RS Ministry of Interior Cybercrime Department.

“Click Safely” Safer Internet Centre Serbia Project is co-funded by the European Union (EC Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology CONNECT) and Telenor Foundation.

Net Patrola Hotline is a member of INHOPE International Association of Internet Hotlines.

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Redesigned Safer Internet website launched

On Monday, June 9, a redesigned and updated "Klikni bezbedno" ("Click Safely") website was launched at

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