Safe house

In 2006, B92 Broadcasting Company set up its CSR team to launch its campaign against domestic violence against women. Owing to this Campaign, there are now seven safe heavens for domestic violence victims that were specifically built for such purposes.

Statistical data from that period showed that one in three women in Serbia was a victim of domestic violence and physical abuse. According to the statistics from the same period, one in six children was registered as a victim of some type of violence, including sexual abuse. As much as 50% of women in Serbia experienced some type of psychological or verbal abuse.

B92 launched its “Safe House” Campaign of TV and radio jingles against domestic violence. The aim of the Campaign was to raise funding for construction of the first safe house for domestic violence victims. B92 Project Partner in this Campaign was the Counselling Service for Domestic Violence Victims. The Campaign slogan was: "Let’s help the domestic violence victims finally feel safe! Let's build a Safe House!" Owing to its importance, the Safe House Campaign has grown to become a standing Project of Fund B92, which has so far resulted in two safe houses in Belgrade, and the remaining three in the towns of Zrenjanin,  Sremska Mitrovica Sombor and Pancevo.

Ten years on, media continuously report on violent acts against women. In recent years, the number of women and children seeking assistance from the Social Welfare institutions, Counselling Services and safe heavens increases on a daily basis. Serbian grim statistics breaks records in femicide numbers internationally. Fund B92 continues its work on this Campaign, which was initially designed not only at a media attempt to raise the public awareness, but also to continuously point out to different aspects and consequences of domestic violence and violent acts against women in Serbia.

Web-Portal on Violence Against Women at website was launched in 2006 with the support of AVON, as a part of media campaign for building save heavens for women and children victims of domestic violence. In addition to information on Campaign results, the original version of the website was a public service facility offering important information to violence victims and to people in their immediate vicinity who were willing to help, but did not know how.

Cooperation with UNDP within the Integrated response to violence against women in Serbia Project, supported by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women , UN Women and UNICEF, has resulted in significant modifications of the website concept: its contents and topics were presented in greater detail, and its original focus was redirected from safe heavens to raising public information levels on violence. The content of this website was further improved to facilitate public access and availability of information on (domestic) violence of importance not only for the female victims, but to all the interested parties and their research, information and activism efforts as well.

By including available resources of the relevant public and state institutions, independent female experts and valuable experiences of women’s organizations with years of experience in eradication of violence, the web site at promotes the idea of joint public approach in fight against violence, where state institutions, civil society organizations and international organizations share a joint approach that violence against women is not permissible and that violence in general is a social problem of relevance for each individual.

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