Paint The Change

Paint the Change aspires to sensitize youth to burning social matters, evident in their neighbourhood, and to showcase how diverse art forms can become tools for the dissemination of positive social messages

The project combines public art with the empowerment of youth communities encouraging the collective design of large scale artworks that reflect social quests of local communities in their everyday space.

Projects’s Outputs:

  • To discuss matters concerning the community, to overcome fragments & misconceptions and explore solutions, that can be expressed through art.
  • To provide a baseline structure for educators who work with youth on how to battle social themes creatively. 
  • To foster understanding and smart utilization of skills among youth, by assisting them to express their concerns and inject their skills into creative & artistic solutions for social inclusion matters. 
  • To introduce youngsters to the basic techniques of film-making resulting in a collective made documentary with diverse shots taken by those involved. 

Through a series of workshops to diverse groups of youngsters, we aim to map their ideas and views on during social issues. Custom – designed local campaigns will transform social challenges into positive messages diffused through co-creative murals in collaboration with an eminent  street artist in Belgrade, Subotica, Vranje, Athens and London. The action will be filmed and presented through a curated documentary series where participants can be actively involved with shots generated by themselves. 

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