Food for all

Food for All Campaign was launched as a CSR action by B92 Broadcasting Company and The Food Bank, to provide food donations to the underprivileged. The fundraising began back in 2009; since then the aid reached out on a number of occasions.

Due to the fact that this problem cannot be resolved by one-off donations or short-term actions, Fund B92 initiated a solidarity campaign, by raising funding through SMS donations. The main public event of the Food for All Campaign was a one-day Hunger Strike Against Hunger. By renouncing meals, citizens solidarised with and showed their support for the destitute. The Campaign was supported by numerous individual and corporate donors providing aid and meals in a number of Serbian communities. This Campaign grew to become a prominent, modern times’ symbol of altruism.

Food for All Project is an attempt to solve the problem of undernourishment in Serbia, with the aim to provide a minimum of one meal a day to the underprivileged. According to the World Bank statistics for 2009, more than 600,000 people in Serbia lived below the poverty threshold. UNICEF data showed that there were some 100,000 children among them.

Unfortunately, the overall situation hasn’t changed much. Despite the successful efforts to reduce the national poverty headcount ratio in Serbia, with the financial crisis and a multitude of unresolved economic and social issues, a substantial number of people remains below the poverty threshold. A substantial share of Kosovo and Metohia population faces extreme poverty and is undernourished every day. With its Serbian and international donors, Fund B92 works to provide aid for the underprivileged several times a year. Recent projects aimed at achieving economic and agricultural empowering of the underprivileged communities resulted in their gradual economic independence.