Battle For Knowledge

Battle for Knowledge is Fund B92’s project initiated in January 2017 with the idea to introduce new technologies as educational tools to elementary and high schools, thus encouraging children and youth towards learning basics of programing and coding, with focus on affirmation of talented youth in STEM professions (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

The importance of digital literacy and introducing the youth to new learning methods, applicable knowledge and new trends in education which represent the foundation of future competitiveness on labor market is recognized also by Ministry of education, science and technological development, , Ministry of public administration and local self-government, Ministry of trade, tourism and telecommunication, as well as by numerous national and international companies which contributed to Battle of Knowledge and provision of 2155 mBot robots to 431 elementary schools across Serbia.

As part of the project Battle for Knowledge, an action CODPlay was initiated with an aim to equip all elementary schools in Serbia with mBot robots, as well as provide teachers trainings on usage of these robots as an educational tool, and organization of student competitions on robot programing.

This action has als given the opportunity to elementary school students from 5th to 8th grade to gain knowledge in relevant fields in interesting and innovative way that encourages creativity, critical thinking and thus is the starting point for acquiring further education in fields of robotics, programing and coding.

Students’ teams and their teachers coming from all applied school have the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge and demonstrate their skills in competitive (online, regional, and national) league that is part of CODPlay. In 2019.Serbia will also have its representatives in European and world Make X competition using mBot platform, that will be organized in October in Zagreb and then December in Guangzhou.

In addition, as part of Battle for knowledge, best elementary and high schools s included in the project, and are equipped with 18 Abilix robotic sets for advanced programming and robotics. Schools that achieved best results on national and European competitions, will have the opportunity to take part in World Educational Robot Contest held every December in Shanghai. In 2017 Serbian students was awarded on this contest: team of school Politehnika – school for new technologies won a prize for Best presentation of own country, while in 2018 the same school won won 1st place in international competition (category: nonresidential competitors), while a team from elementary school Vladislav Ribnikar won Best performance award, and 2nd place in international competition (category: nonresidential- older elementary school students)

Finally, as part of Battle for knowledge, Fund B92 is part of regional initiative Digital citizen which included donation of 20 MicroBits computers to 20 libraries across Serbia that will be available to check out. Five of the libraries that were very successful in their work with MicroBits, have also gained one 3D printer, and in this way- a new chapter of these libraries’ programs is opened.

The goal of Battle for knowledge for the upcoming period is to provide all interested elementary schools in Serbia with 1 set of Mbot robots, ensure that best students take part in national and international competitions, as well as provide adequate robotic equipment as didactic teaching tool to students in special education school, supporting their equal participation in competitions, and society as whole, as part of newly developed Bee Program. In line with that, and inspired by celebrating National day of giving 2019, the Fund launched the Bee initiative aimed at procuring bee-bot robots for all 48 schools for children with disabilities in Serbia. After the successful fundraising process, the equipment was handed over to the representatives of the schools with adequate training of the teaching staff and didactic materials for teaching with the use of robots.

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Other news


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BELGRADE, August 23, 2021 - In order to increase public awareness of the problem of food waste and insufficient food donations, and also to contribute to the improvement of practices that would encourage increased food donations, the Coalition for Giving led by the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), launched the campaign "Save Food, Save Humanity" on August 23.

Belgian National Day marked by the Ambassador and Belgian companies’ donations to Serbian Covid hospitals

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Run for Maternity Ward in Aranđelovac

Pernod Ricard employees took part in the 32nd Belgrade marathon, with a symbolic run to raise money for the donation to the Fund B92 initiative „Battle for Maternity Wards”.

More than 150 elementary and high school kids took part in the robot programming competition

Today, in the Belgrade’s elementary school “Vladislav Ribnikar”, as a part of the campaign Battle for Knowledge, more than 150 elementary and high school pupils from all parts of Serbia took part in the robot programming competition.

Iranian tourists in Serbia become migrants-

Since the visa liberalization of Iranian citizens, over 6,000 "Iranian tourists" entered the country in the past five months, according to official Ministry of Interior data. It is interesting that a large number of them decided not to return from Serbia to their country of origin, but to continue the illegal pathway towards Western Europe, which is presenting a new test to the migration management systems.