Back to the Past

Facing the past and crimes committed during the recent armed conflicts in former Yugoslavia is among the main pillars of all Fund B92 efforts – from Fund B92-B92 Broadcasting Company documentary co-productions, to educational youth programs, all with the same goal to provide the general public with learning opportunities to raise historical awareness about events from our history and past, so that the history would never be repeated. These efforts are aimed at further emphasis, promotion and respect for freedom of expression and human rights, highlighting the values of social responsibility and altruism.

One of the most comprehensive Fund B92 initiatives is aimed at establishing a memorial and educational Staro Sajmište (Old Fairground) Centre. Old Fairground is situated on the Sava River bank in Belgrade, in the immediate vicinity of the City Centre. Old Fairground buildings and facilities were built in 1937, as the first originally built fairground facilities in Serbian capital. In 1941, German occupation forces set up their Semlin Judenlager Camp on that same site, which was among the first concentration camp sites in Europe. From March till May 1942, more than seven thousand detained Jewish women, children and elderly people were killed in a mobile gas chamber. After having completed the ethnic cleansing campaign against the Jews, the Concentration Camp was predominantly used to eliminate the political opponents; in 1942 – 1944, more than ten thousand people were killed there. Today, Old Fairground is a neglected and untended city area. Due to complete lack of interest from the part of the local authorities, most of the Old Fairground buildings are dilapidated. Fund B92 launched an initiative on a fundraising campaign to renew this site of persecution and suffering, and use it as a museum and educational centre. In spring 2014, Serbian and Belgrade authorities set up a Committee to propose the remit of the future institution in this site. Committee members are prominent experts and distinguished public figures who are working to resolve the Old Fairground issue for years now; among the Committee members who are tacking this issue is the Fund B92 President.

Fund B92 premises are situated in one of the oldest City areas, in a building that was constructed in 1930 and formerly used by Jewish charities. The grand hall of this building was throughout history often used as a community meeting place, a venue for humanitarian events organized by the Belgrade Jews and as a synagogue as well. Today, it is a venue for various culture, humanitarian and media activities and Fund B92 projects. Fund B92 is increasingly placing the focus of its activities on the educational programs, highlighting the historical importance and symbolism of the building that is uses as its headquarters.

While working with the primary and secondary school students and teachers on various aspects of human rights and (ab)use of history, Fund B92 combines experiences of its partners to develop educational methods with effective and approved activities for its own Free Zone Junior Project. Focus of Fund B92 work is additionally placed on lectures on the Holocaust and crimes against humanity in the recent and ancient history of this region, through educational activities, research work, debates, publications, video works, etc. Fund B92 Back to the Past nurtures the culture of remembrance and respect for our differences, primarily among children and young people, but also among all the other interested groups, with the sole aim to achieve reconciliation and to overcome social and ethnic differences among different groups in Serbian society.

Fund B92 is a member of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience ( and of the Memory Lab, the Trans-European Exchange Platform on History and Remembrance (