About us


Fund B92 is non-profit nongovernmental organization that creates and realizes humanitarian, cultural, philanthropic and socially responsible campaigns and projects with an aim to prevent and solve different social problems. Since its establishment in 2004, Fund is on the forefront of battle for better society by initiating changes and creating positive social climate in Serbia and region. Currently, Fund has 12 full time employees and is regularly engaging volunteers and implements its projects in partnership with various donors, partners, companies and socially responsible individuals.

Fund B92 has carried out most famous and successful humanitarian actions in the region - Battle for babies and Battle for Maternity Wards. Since 2011, almost 50 hospitals and medical centers in Serbia were equipped with 219 incubators as part of Battle for Babies. Over 700 companies, institutions, and organizations and over million individuals have contributed with more than 2.5 million euros. The follow-up of this action has started in 2012 in a form of Battle for Maternity Wards, which focuses on donations of neonatology and gynecology equipment. This action covered over 70 medical centers that were donated equipment worth over 3 million euros. So far, we have won 41 battles for medical centers which were provided with all necessary equipment for mother and child care.

Beginning of 2017 was marked by the latest Battle for Knowledge national campaign and Code-Play action within it, with the goal of developing new type of literacy among primary and secondary school students, acquiring functional knowledge and skills needed for life in 21st century. Program is focused on providing all primary schools in Serbia with robotic equipment, and training of teachers to use it as modern educative tool, thus encouraging children to learn programing through play, but also engage in critical thinking and problem solving skills that can motivate them to pursue STEM professions (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in the future. In the first year, the third of total number of elementary schools in Serbia were included in the project, meaning that more than 2000 educational mBot robots were donated to more than 400 schools, and around 600 teachers attended teacher trainings for usage of educational robots. As part of this action, several competitions are organized annually through CODPlay league.

Defeating statistics on family violence have affected our decision to build 7 Safe Houses across Serbia for sheltering women survivors of violence. Also, within SHE-Empowerment project whose goal is to economically empower women survivors of violence, social enterprises Mitrovica Good Garden, Sombor Good Garden & Hands were established, through which more than 100 women were economically empowered in order to finally leave the circle of violence.

Since March 2020, with the beginning of pandemic caused by Covid-19, Fund B92 has initiated a humanitarian action to support health care system and its patients affected by this virus. Throughout 2020, Fund B92 has raised funds for purchase of medical and protective equipment for Covid hospitals across Serbia worth of more than 52 million dinars. A large quantities of goods were also donated, worth of 10 million dinars.

Rex Cultural Center, functioning under legal framework of Fund B92, functions as a hub of contemporary, socially engaged art and analytical cultural practice in the field of theatrical and visual arts, music, film, video and new media, etc.  Apart from its Discussion Program that looks into burning social issues, and regular exhibitions and concerts, Rex participated as a partner on European project Corners which created a platform for artists and the audience by bringing together over 50 artists and 30 cultural organizations  by creating art in different corners of Europe, thus overcoming geographical, political and economic borders.

Free Zone Program based on different use of socially engaged film, has been developing for 13 years. It consists of several different segments - yearly human rights film festival Free Zone, Tour of selected films across Serbia, monthly screening of documentaries in Rex Cultural Center. Educational program Free Zone Junior - Film as Supplementary Teaching Tool in Civic Education, raises awareness of youth on human rights. So far, 85 teacher trainings were held, and more than 1700 teachers were trained to use film as part of CE curriculum, thus reaching more than 500 000 students in Serbia.

Other project that Fund B92 has implemented are: Center for Safer Internet (50. 000 children and parents informed on safety on Internet), Battle for Schools (2 reconstructed schools), Re:Generation- focusing on youth social activism and creation of first regional web series „Just Saying“ (more than half a million viewers), Back to the past, Info Park, The Campaign against Breast Cancer, Blood Donations, 65+ Movement for elderly people, etc.