65+ Movement

“65+ Movement for Elderly People” is a Fund B92 humanitarian campaign, initiated with the aim to establish a broad network of altruistic people who are willing and motivated to put their skills, spare time, efforts and resources to a worthy cause of improving the conditions of living for the senior citizens. 65+ Movement is growing every day. Men and women of all ages, public institutions, NGOs, small and large companies and other donors act united led by Fund B92 in their battle to provide care and support for the elderly.

In the first phase of the campaign, the 65+ Movement raises funding to provide daily care for the most vulnerable seniors. Fund B92 works to alleviate this acute social problem in cooperation with its NGO partners, which have decades’ long experience in providing care and assistance to senior citizens and in procurement of sustenance, heating fuel, medical care and daily care. Fund B92 cooperates with state and local institutions with statutory responsibilities and remits in this area.

Providing financial assistance is only a part of solution to the problem of elderly citizens. Rising public awareness and building a support system are significant and necessary activities as well. That is why the 65+ Movement places various aspects of problems that senior citizens face in public focus. Stories are told about their personal experiences, vast knowledge, numerous skills, specific needs and inspiring wishes, to show that elderly people are not burden, but a rich resource of Serbian society; they have so much more to say, share and do and their wisdom and courage need to be respected, because their experiences and skills are priceless. Fund B92 works to show how much they’ve already given and how much they can still give. Younger generations need to learn to respect them, otherwise there will be no one to hold them in esteem or to show consideration to them once they grow old.
Join the 65+ Movement campaign and make elderly people’s lives enjoyable!

Bank account: Banka Intesa, 160-280242-49

SMS service on 1651.

Web site: pokret65plus.org