Corporate social responsibility activities

CSR Department of B92 Broadcasting Company and Fund B92 that emerged from it, have many years of experience in philanthropic and humanitarian work. Serbian citizens and organizers, participants, promoters, assistants and beneficiaries of B92 CSR actions all cherish vivid memories of these events.

Blood Donation Campaign

“Make your day and make their day by donating blood," was the slogan of the first in a series of CSR actions initiated to improve blood bank supplies in summer months. In May 2008, Serbian Blood Transfusion Institute and B92 Broadcasting Company launched this campaign to remind the citizens of Belgrade and other places in Serbia on a daily basis of the importance of blood donation.

During the first three weeks of its implementation, this joint action contributed to a significant increase in the number of voluntary donors and improved public awareness compared with the same period of the previous year. Coupled with the efforts on maximizing the blood bank supplies, Fund B92 launched an initiative to raise funds for a modern and custom-made mobile blood collection unit, to replace the existing, outdated blood collection bus that remained stationary in a central Belgrade square, no longer suitable for ride. By the end of the action, EUR 205,000 was raised, and a new Ikarbus vehicle was commissioned.

This action grew in scope to include a marrowbone donation campaign. The Bank of Potential Marrowbone Donors was then presented for the first time to the general public in Serbia, along with the concept of organ donation. Together with the Forensic Medicine Institute in Belgrade, work on establishing a DNA Register was initiated. According to the original concept, such a Register would be an important resource in efforts on identification of missing persons.

The Open Heart Street

The Open Heart Street is among the best-known New Year charity and entertainment events in Belgrade and Serbia. Since 1980s, on January 1st, Makednoska and Svetogorska Streets in central Belgrade area are closed for traffic and open to the carnival.

This event is primarily of humanitarian character and each carnival was organized to raise funds for a vulnerable group. Initially, in 2010, Fund B92 and Centre for Youth Integration raised funds for homeless children. Next year’s carnival was dedicated to providing support for Doctor Clowns Project and was thus remembered as the Red Noses Street. On the following years, Carnivals were organized to support Battle for the Babies and Battle for Maternity Wards. This year, the Carnival supported the 65+ Campaign and promoted care for the elderly.
The event is annually visited by tens of thousands citizens of Belgrade and tourists.


An essential segment of CSR activities are dedicated to the most challenging of all modern day struggles – environmental protection. B92 Broadcasting Company worked to support a number of environmental campaigns. Take a Deep Breath If You Dare was the first in a series, organized to raise public awareness of environmental pollution in Serbia.

This campaign was followed by a bigger campaign entitled "I’m protecting Serbia, what about you?" A series of 10 video clips was produced during this campaign; video clips were dedicated to individual environmental issues and promoted advice on individual contribution to reduce pollution and save natural resources in line with “Think globally, act locally” environmental formula. Campaign messages included the following: “Reduce the hot water consumption”, “Unplug technical devices when not in use”, “Say NO to plastic bags”, etc.

Doctor Clowns

Fund B92 supported this Project with the aim to make it a permanent activity. Doctor Clowns are a group of young people dedicated to spreading good cheer and positive energy among paediatric wards’ patients and their parents, to help them through these difficult periods of their lives.

Doctor Clowns’ Program is a multifaceted action aimed at achieving lasting change of prevailing atmosphere in paediatric wards. They visit hospitals with the only goal to alleviate children's fears from their doctors. Doctor Clowns are not merely entertainers; they work is not aimed at creating illusions, but at alleviating traumatic hospital experiences.

Mila Fund

Mila Fund was created in 2009, as an effort to help cure Mila, a female canine with a distressing fate. Mila came from a huge pack of Belgrade stray dogs. At the time, she was a puppy found in a
Belgrade suburb with her paws severed. Owing to the immediate response of suburban community members, Mila was promptly taken to the vet; it was then that B92 and a number of public figures started fighting for Mila’s successful recovery.

After Mila’s successful recovery and adoption, Fund B92 established the Mila Fund. The Fund works to provide veterinary treatment to animal victims of violence. Together with other organizations and Municipal Services working on animal protection, Fund Mila provides organizational support to other organizations helping them in providing emergency veterinary assistance and animal care similar to those of the Pet Police.